WM = IC + AP + RM

Wealth Management = Investment Consulting + Advanced Planning + Relationship Management

Wealth Management

We set ourselves apart by offering you trusted counsel, a clear process and a complete plan for the future. With our comprehensive Wealth Management, you can rest easy knowing we will be focused on your best interests, providing you comfort and the clarity you need to prosper. Wealth Management for our clients is a fully integrated and comprehensive system to managing all of their financial affairs.

Investment Consulting

Your assets and Investment Consulting are core components of our Wealth Management Process and the facet which you may be most familiar. Our process recognizes that Investment Consulting is often a key aspect of client relationships. Portfolio performance over the long term is essential to help meet your financial goals. Your identified objectives become our focus in allocations of assets, risks, cash flows, growth, and tax requirements. We take a carefully structured, diversified and disciplined approach to portfolio management, with the ultimate target of balancing your family's needs and goals.

Advanced Planning

One of the most distinguishing features of our Wealth Management Consultative Process is the use of Advanced Planning Strategies. You and your family can look to us as their Personal Chief Financial Officer, guiding you through a specific process to create results. During the Discovery Meeting phase, we identify your complex financial issues, many of which you may have never realized existed. Next, we work with a professional team of advisors (i.e., Attorneys, Tax advisors, Property & Casualty Brokers, etc.) to generate strategies for your consideration that will help meet your near and long-term goals. Equipped with this knowledge, you gain the confidence to make sound long-term decisions in your family's best interests, and we work together on attainment. This may involve the utilization of Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Transfer, Wealth Protection and Charitable Giving Strategies.

Relationship Management

Your long term relationship with our firm is of utmost importance. Staying in contact with you in a manner you deem worthwhile, keeps us up-to-date. Whether regular in-person, email, teleconference or video conferencing, we work to be in-touch. We host regular client events of special interest to you and seek interaction as you like. Our Relationship management will likely go beyond you and your spouse and may extend to your family and successive executives in your business and professional network as well. You can be assured that our Professional Network Relationship Management means working effectively with your other professional advisors, such as attorneys and accountants, to ensure the entire team is operating to achieve the same goals you define.

Wealth Management Formula